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Value Engineering
 A(C)ECPL in coordination with its associates, has pioneered the training programme for the first time in India on Value Engineering - a benchmark in the Construction industry; for its employees, senior management and clients. Value Engineering, conceptualized by Muthaiah Kasi of Alfred Benesch & Company, USA; is widely accepted and certified by International Agencies as one the best concept and only of its kind in construction Industry. A(C)ECPL is one of the first companies to embrace Value Engineering to enable the company to pass on its benefits to its clients.

Valu engineering

   Value Engineering improves value by reducing the life cycle cost, enhancing safety in a design, or reducing impacts to the public by shortening the duration of a construction project. Value Engineering uses a combination of creative and analytical techniques to identify alternative ways to achieve objectives. The use of Function Analysis differentiates Value Engineering from other problem solving approaches. VE focuses on delivering the project, product or service at the best price by incorporating those value characteristics deemed most important by the customer. Value Engineering is a tool that will improve the ability of company to manage projects, solve problems, innovate, and communicate. A VE program enables staff with a definitive tool to improve value in any product, project or process. Cost savings, risk reduction, schedule improvements, design optimisation and better collaboration have been the outcomes of VE programmes in A(C)ECPL.